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New Chapter - Red Tide Rising

     You're driving outside of Houston one night, heading back to Dallas/Fort Worth. You've been visiting relatives in Brownsville and you're kinda tired. You drive lazily through the suburbs, almost forgetting where you are. You turn this way and that, your headlights reflecting off trees, houses, other cars. Your mind is swimming with the memories of food, the hospitality offered to you.. The whole plasticity of it all. The radio churns out a driving tune, some chart climber by someone or other.. You forget...

     With the suddenness of a gunshot, you realise that you're lost. Along with this realisation, a dog runs out from nowhere and runs across the road.

     Your tyres squeal as you hit the brakes, but it's too late. You hear the sickening thunk off your radiator grill and a yelp. You'd slowed down before any serious impact, but you're still sure the dog is hurt. You unbuckle your seat belt in time to see a naked man, in his early forties, rise up disorientated in front of your headlights. He looks at you, pissed off, and thumps his fist on your bonnet, leaving a dent the size of his fist. You note he's limping on his left leg, and it appears to have been thumped hard with something. He hobbles off in the general direction of a house, and you begin to notice a whole bunch of dogs following the wounded man back into his house. The dogs watch you as you drive slowly away, careful not to step in front of the car. There is something about the place that irks you, something not normal, but not threatening. About all these dogs running free at night. Something doesn't add up.

     You look back in your rear-view mirror long enough to see the dogs rise up.. arms taking shape from the forelegs, tails shrinking back into spines, muzzles forming faces, and half-paws being waved at you with half-fanged smiles. The mood is not one of eerie B-movie-ness, but rather an invitation. An invitation to return.

     You pass a council sign on the side of the road, and look back in time to read it:

     "Welcome to Barken, Texas."

     So what is Barken? It's a community populated by people who shapeshift into dogs.. Or dogs who shapeshift into people.. Maybe a creature that alternates its forms between canine and human would be a better description. Despite this being the ideal setting for a Stephen-King-like horror series, the intention isn't one of horror so much as humorous fantasy fiction. The residents of Barken aren't werewolves so much as people with an alternate lifestyle. Dogs and humans are both urban animals, and it follows that a dog-human could handle the pressure of living urban far better than say a wolf-human, or an eagle-human ever could. The compatibility is there. Sometimes this might make for awkward social graces here and there - maybe not sniffing butts, but definitely leaning over to smell trees, not to mention the interesting curve-balls puberty could throw at a shapeshifter - but nobody's perfect, right?

     Click on one of the links below to see what has been contributed to the mythos of Barken, TX. It should be noted that these stories might contain sexual references, adult themes, violence, gore and swearing. Stories only suitable for 18 and over (ie. restricted material) are marked with a *. These stories used to be on Raphiel's site until May 1999,

The story series is now being managed by "Thephoenix" and "Skylos" jointly. It is based on two seperate sites mirroring the story files so that even if one site is unavalible the other can still be accessed.

     The idea of the barken story line is (C) by Raphiel who ran the original "Barken TX" site, which has now unfortunately closed down. Most of the information files on this site were originally written by Raphiel and slightly reformatted to be republished here. The stories here are (C) by their respective authors who have written for the Barken story line

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 Red Tide Rising 15 July 99
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 Barken's Effect on American Culture
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 A Dog And Her Man 3 July 99
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 Report (Note)
By Kaurpin :
 The Day Trippers*
By Kaurpin :
 The End* Special Note

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The stories are (C)ed to their respective authors.

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